Package net.sf.beanlib.spi

Beanlib Servce Provider Interface


Interface Summary
BeanMethodCollector Used to collect methods from a JavaBean.
BeanMethodFinder Used to find a method from a JavaBean.
BeanPopulationExceptionHandler Used to handle exception thrown during the population of a bean property.
BeanPopulatorBaseSpi The base interface of the Bean Populator SPI.
BeanPopulatorSpi Bean Populator SPI.
BeanPopulatorSpi.Factory Bean Populator Factory SPI, which is used to create a bean populator which can then be used to determine whether a specific JavaBean property should be propagated from a source bean to a target bean.
BeanSourceHandler Used to do something to the "from" JavaBean.
BeanTransformerSpi Bean Transformer SPI.
BeanTransformerSpi.Factory Bean Transformer Factory SPI.
CustomBeanTransformerSpi Custom Bean Transformer SPI.
CustomBeanTransformerSpi.Factory Custom Bean Transformer Factory SPI.
DetailedPropertyFilter Used to control if a property should be propagated.
PropertyFilter Used to control if a JavaBean property should be propagated.
Transformable Object Transformer.

Class Summary
BeanPopulationExceptionHandlerAdapter Adapter class for BeanPopulationExceptionHandler.
BeanPopulatorBaseConfig Base configuration for a Bean Populator.
ChainedCustomBeanTransformer Supports a chain of custom transformation.
ChainedCustomBeanTransformer.Factory Factory to create a ChainedCustomBeanTransformer.
TrivialCustomBeanTransformerFactories.IdentityCustomTransformer Used to delay loading class until necessary.
TrivialCustomBeanTransformerFactories.NoopCustomTransformer Used to delay loading class until necessary.
TrivialCustomBeanTransformerFactories.NullCustomTransformer Used to delay loading class until necessary.

Package net.sf.beanlib.spi Description

Beanlib Servce Provider Interface