Package net.sf.beanlib.hibernate3

JavaBean Library for Hibernate 3.x


Interface Summary
CriteriaSpecifiable Used as a callback to specify a Hibernate Criteria.
Hibernate3DaoSupportable Hibernate 3 DAO Support Interface.

Class Summary
DtoCentricHibernate3Template Base class for Hibernate 3 DTO Centric HibernateTemplate.
Hibernate3BeanReplicator Hibernate 3 Bean Replicator.
Hibernate3BeanTransformer A Hibernate 3 Bean Transformer is simply a BeanTransformer with the extended capabilities of handling Hibernate (v3.x) objects.
Hibernate3BlobReplicator Hibernate 3 specific Blob Replicator.
Hibernate3BlobReplicator.Factory Factory for Hibernate3BlobReplicator
Hibernate3CollectionReplicator Hibernate 3 specific Collection Replicator.
Hibernate3CollectionReplicator.Factory Factory for Hibernate3CollectionReplicator
Hibernate3DtoCopier Hibernate 3 Data Transfer Object Copier.
Hibernate3JavaBeanReplicator Hibernate 3 specific JavaBean Replicator.
Hibernate3JavaBeanReplicator.Factory Factory for Hibernate3JavaBeanReplicator
Hibernate3MapReplicator Hibernate 3 specific Map Replicator.
Hibernate3MapReplicator.Factory Factory for MapReplicator
Hibernate3SequenceGenerator Hibernate 3 DB Sequence Generator.
Hibernate3UnitOfWork Hibernate 3 Unit Of Work.
LazyHibernateCustomBeanTransformer A convenient custom bean transformer that can be used to replicate only the initialized properties/associations in a Hibernate object graph.
LazyHibernateCustomBeanTransformer.Factory The factory for a LazyHibernateCustomBeanTransformer.

Package net.sf.beanlib.hibernate3 Description

JavaBean Library for Hibernate 3.x